Frequent questions on GYEON Quartz ceramic coating

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What is the key to achieving a high gloss paintwork with long-lasting, deep and accurate reflections?

  • It is important to note that paint finishing products, whether you prefer to go with high-end carnauba waxes or the latest ceramic coatings, are at most responsible for about 10-20% of the final outcome of your vehicle’s aesthetics.
  • Much more important are the prerequisite steps before you even start to wax or coat the vehicle. These namely, are the time and skill-intensive paintwork correction and preparation procedures invested onto the vehicle for many hours or even days prior.
  • Unless your car is already in relatively good condition to begin with, simple polishing will not do the trick. Even new cars fresh out of the showroom these days have got poor quality finishing and rough textures which require moderate paintwork correction.
  • With the right techniques using proper tools and equipment, the clear-coat of the paint is put into its best condition possible in its natural state. Here, the car owner’s level of expectation and budget play a vital role in determining the amount of work required.
  • Locking in the pristine paintwork at the final step with a high quality wax or ceramic coating becomes the icing on the cake, helping to bring out the true quality of the underlying paintwork and retaining it over time.

In simple terms, what are the main differences between wax and coating?

  • Putting aside the issue of cost for a bit, the features and characteristics of wax versus coatings can be rather vast and varied for the average car owner to understand.
  • Waxes have traditionally been used to create a quick and easy high definition wet gloss appearance as they are primarily made from natural or synthetic oils.
  • Under harsh weather conditions, even the best waxes suffer in durability and can last at best a month or two. Due to its inherent nature, it is therefore necessary to continually reapply the wax in order to retain its desired shine.
  • The latest ceramic coatings come in advanced formulations that are able to withstand tough weather, rough handling and environmental fallouts much better than a layer of wax can ever hope to do. Better protection, easier maintenance and longer-lasting shine are the key advantages of coatings over wax.
  • With less up-keep required, the initial investment in a quality coating shows its value over the following months and years as you save from having to polish and wax your vehicle every couple of months.

What are the unique benefits of GYEON Quartz coatings?

  • Standing out against a field of competitors, it is one of the leading choice of ceramic coatings for top detailers around the world due to their high quality and technologically advanced range of specialist products.
  • The top-ranging GYEON coatings are also tested and certified by two of the world’s largest verification bodies, SGS and KTR, proving that the products truly perform as claimed.
  • Q2 MOHS+ and Q2 DURABEAD are two of its highest variants consisting of the award-winning Q2 MOHS base-coat and the Q2 PHOBIC or Q2 BEAD top-coat working synergistically together to deliver one of the best performances in gloss, protection and durability available anywhere today.
  • In every single Detailing World Product Awards in recent years since the inception of the brand, GYEON products have consistently been voted to be amongst the world’s best within many different categories of the competition.
  • This clearly shows that its products are proven both in the lab and in real life applications.
  • The complete range of GYEON coatings also make it possible for you to choose the most ideal one based on your individual needs, budget and requirements.
  • To read more about GYEON Quartz coatings, visit or click here to see our summary of their individual features and pricing.

Why the need for regular maintenance after coating? Don’t they last forever?

  • Spending a few thousand ringgit and expecting to never have to pay attention to your car ever again is simply unrealistic and oftentimes used as a marketing gimmick to appeal to the lazy side of us.
  • If your car is utilised on a regular basis, and especially if it becomes your daily driver, it is an inescapable fact that the vehicle will be left exposed to wear and tear and accidental damage on the road.
  • After awhile, you’ll start to discover unsightly stuff like road tar, brake dust particles, bug stains, water marks, spiderweb swirls and accidental dings or scratches on your once pristine looking vehicle.
  • Even though most coatings come with their own product warranty, occasional aftercare depending on your personal preference, weekly care habits and driving and parking practices is necessary if you want your car looking flawless and free from ugly blemishes over an extended period of time.
  • The coating creates a sacrificial layer that makes your car less susceptible to permanent damage from these contaminants, but it’s not a 100% foolproof guarantee against all imperfections.
  • When you send your car back for a session of AktivCare 6-8 months down the road, all these stubborn surface defects are removed, the imperfections are corrected, and the coating is rejuvenated.
  • Remember, you can carry on as usual and let the coating run its course, or you can take the proactive approach (preventive maintenance) to keep your car in wonderful condition indefinitely.

How long are warranties provided and what do they cover?

  • Our specialist coating plans come with a warranty period of 5 years and they allow you to come back to us for rectification in the following scenarios:
    • When there is no visible water beading properties on the coat.
    • If you have resprayed certain panels and the coat is gone.
    • If the car no longer shines as much as before.
    • If the vehicle’s paintwork is oxidised and appears dull.
    • However, while coatings reduce the occurrence of water marks and light swirls, these factors depends very much on your regular care, hence they are to be expected and therefore not covered. To address these surface imperfections, we have the AktivCare programme described above.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!