Headlamp Rescue

Dramatic restoration of tarnished headlamps for optimum clarity and a sharp appearance.

Through frequent driving on the road plus the unavoidable elements of the environment, your sparkling headlamps will start to be clouded by an outer layer of yellowed oxidation or surface scratches and pitting. These fogged up headlamps affect and hamper driving visibility, especially at night or during heavy downpour. However, before opting to go for expensive replacements, consider having them professionally clarified and restored back to their original shining glory.

Our headlamp restoration service involves an initial sanding process to remove oxidation, followed by polishing with special compound materials. The final step is the application of a high quality protective coating to reseal the surface of the restored headlamp. This extensive renewal process results in dramatic crystal clear clarity for increased safety on the road plus a sharp appearance that completes the look of your car.

*Aside from the protective coat application, you can also choose to have a HEADLAMP PROTECTIVE FILM installed for even more resilient protection from abrasive dirt and debris on the road.