Total Restoration

Complete overhaul and rejuvenation services to bring aged or degraded vehicles back to life.

Like all things, cars aren’t built to last forever and over time, a vehicle ages or degrades in appearance and its inner workings. Evidently, this process will be accelerated without proper and consistent care or attention from its owner.

Fortunately, a professional restoration service that is done correctly can breathe new life into an older vehicle and make it look and run like new. Indeed, specialist knowledge, adequate resources, sufficient time, and tools to do the job right are needed to successfully bring these worn out metals back to their former glory.

So if you have a classic or premium car that has been neglected over a period of time, send it over to us for an expert evaluation and a customized restoration plan. Whether you are in need of a complete overhaul or just a few individual services like metal work, custom paint job, interior renewal, rims or wheels refurbishment, REGAL VALET is well equipped to assist you in your exciting restoration projects.

Click here to review some of the restoration projects we have done in the past.