Nissan GTR goes Frozen Matte Grey

Just wanted to share with you guys a recent job by RV SPRAYWORKS for this Nissan GTR R35. As you might have started to notice on the roads, there’s a growing number of cars in a whole range of fancy matte colours, and a lot of these if you don’t already know, are either stickers or some kind of spray wrap. These stuff can be fun and interesting as they allow you to peel and change whenever you feel like it, or have got some loose change in your pocket. No seriously, the high quality ones that give good lasting results actually cost a bomb! And the cheaper ones come with all sorts of problems you wish you never had.

So be careful how and where you spend your money as oftentimes you will come to discover or perhaps even regret going down this route if you don’t choose the right product. Ever seen ugly bubbles pop up randomly on your friend’s recently wrapped car? Or unsightly peeling and scratches from rough handling and accidental hazards? Besides that, with a thick layer of subpar sticker on your car, you lose the feel of pure metal, and instead when you run your hands across the vehicle, it somehow just feels a little less real.

Now we’re not here to say you need to choose the spray painting approach unquestionably every time, because we’re certainly fans of premium wraps done properly. But take a look at the results of this GTR that was professionally spray painted and finished by our experienced master painter with over 20 years experience. You’ll definitely notice its surreal 3D effect in complete paintwork perfection.

Check out the before and after shots below to see the transformation from its original metallic finish into a brand new sleek matte effect. As you can tell, we managed to deliver a final outcome that looks super gleaming and simply regal if we may so ourselves. Definitely no bubbles on this baby!


AFTER: GTR MatteGTR Matte4 GTR Matte5

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