Paintwork Recovery & Protection

Complete paint recovery with permanent shine and protection system that guarantees unrivalled aesthetics and strong defense against environmental elements.


Paintwork recovery essentially is a car polish, the intensive process that addresses common paintwork imperfections such as swirl marks, fine surface scratches, watermarks, holograms and lackluster paintwork. A professional car polish effectively removes these imperfections from the clear coat surface of your car resulting in a gleaming, mirror-finish effect. With the help of state-of-the-art rotary polish machines and top-notch silicone-free polish products, our highly skilled technicians ensure that every imperfection is permanently removed.


Harsh environmental and weather conditions such as hazardous UV rays and corrosive acid rain can often be detrimental to your vehicle’s paintwork. Therefore, it is crucial to immediately protect your vehicle’s newly perfected surface with a high quality and long-lasting coating.

The more common and widely available types of coating are the traditional waxes that contain, in most cases, the Carnauba wax of Brazilian palm trees, beeswax or KPS-type, synthetic waxes. Although they may temporarily add aesthetic value with its wet look finish, they cannot guarantee real protection over time. They stay on the paint only until their natural oiliness or polymer chains dissipate from exposure to weather, car wash detergents, chemical contaminants, road salt or bird droppings.

On the other hand, protection based on silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the most sophisticated technology of car protection that has been developed so far. The superior structural integrity of this quartz coating prevents damage by external and environmental factors. Its specific thickness and substantial hardness also protect the automotive paint from minor scratching and fogging while providing very high clarity and transparency, exposing fine details of the paint and finish.

Previously exploited by the most demanding consumers from the electronic industry and used to protect the railway rolling stock from acts of vandalism, this compound is now introduced in its unique form to the automotive business by the GYEON brand. REGAL VALET is proud to be the exclusive GYEON authorized distributor and certified detailer in Malaysia.

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