Range Rover Evoque in Frozen Vitamin C special orange

This has got to be one of the most satisfying makeover projects done so far this year by the team at #RVSprayworks and #Regal #Valet. Over a period of 2 months, we transformed this White #Range #Rover #Evoquefrom its previously aged and tired appearance to a completely brand-new and sprightly unique look in the #Frozen #Vitamin #C colour using #PPG Matte Clear Coat.

To further dial up the classy finish, #GYEON #Matte #Coating was installed over the paintwork to bring out an intense warm glow, while other parts of the vehicle were also protected and enhanced with the complete range of #gyeonquartz coatings after a full-course detailing works. This special collection of Ceramic Quartz Coatings have been specially designed to deliver the most reliable results that perform and last as promised, locking in the original condition of every surface to delay aging and prevent premature deterioration.

We believe that a paintjob can only as good as the quality of materials used together with the amount of time and effort put into each step of the process. At RV Sprayworks, we go to great lengths to guarantee a superior finish and lasting results worth every ringgit of your investment so that you enjoy your new ride for as long as you want — until it’s time for the next makeover again.