Matte Perfection On Mercedes-Benz E300 Coupe AMG

Matte, flat, frozen, satin.. these unique paintwork configurations have been gaining popularity and continue to show up as limited editions or special releases across many premium marques. In the right tone, and on the perfect supercar in fact, you’ll swear that you’re looking at a rare piece of million-dollar art.

The problem in the past however, was the very few options available for specialist care and paint protection on these type of finishes. Rub on anything overly abrasive and you risk destroying the characteristics that create the non-light reflecting properties of the paintwork. Apply any sort of waxes or sealants that fill in the peaks and valleys of the finely coarse surface and you end up with splotchy areas of uneven gloss.

In short, the only way to go is to only use products specifically formulated for this exact paintwork. And being a true pioneer and leading innovative manufacturer, #GyeonQuartz was among the very first in the world to develop a superb #Matte #Coating and maintenance sealant that work perfectly to enhance your matte paint with a deep and rich tone while maintaining its individual finish and appearance, whether completely dull or with a light sheen.

Beyond the impressive colour depth, your car will be sealed and protected — preventing discoloration and oxidation, shielding against strong chemicals, road salt and UV-rays plus other environmental contaminants that might stain your car. Dirt wash off easier, and debris have a harder time clinging onto the surface due to the self-cleaning hydrophobic effects provided by the quartz coating.

This #MercedesBenz #E300 #Coupe #Edition1 with its matte designo cashmere white magno paint came in for a rear bumper respray after suffering from a little misadventure on the roads. Upon completion of the new paintjob by #RV #Sprayworks, it was sent back to the studio for detailing works and the application of GYEON MATTE coating onto the paintwork, including other specialist coatings for all the other surfaces to ensure everything is thoroughly protected and kept looking new.