Automotive Window Tint

Wide-ranging collection of quality tints for a new level of customised style, protection and security.

Window tinting is a great idea for any car, as it looks stylish and provides a host of benefits to you and your vehicle. First of all, a quality tint will protect you, your family and your car’s interior by effectively rejecting heat and blocking out 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Tinting also minimises sun and headlight glare which helps reduce fatiguing of your eyes, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable and safer drive.

Depending on the level of tinting you desire, it can even provide a certain degree of privacy and security. No longer will anyone be able to look through the contents of your car and attempt a break-in while you are away. Most of our films are also designed not to shatter so everyone and everything inside are kept safe from bits of flying glass in the event of an accident.

REGAL VALET carries the top brands in the market to offer you a wide variety that suit your specific needs and budget. We also provide a comprehensive guarantee so you can come back to us at any time for touch-ups or maintenance.