Making the right choice for your car

Detailer_at_WorkWe’re often asked how to go about choosing the best service provider or right products in a market full of competing offers..

Well, be very discerning this festive season (or anytime really) when you’re out hunting for the best deals to get your cars cleaned and shined, or even for more elaborate restoration and styling services if that’s what you’re after. With a dizzying amount of service providers and all the seemingly unbelievably good deals in the market, it becomes even more so important to do your homework and make the right decisions before handing over your precious vehicles to them.

Now to make the right decisions, one needs to be educated and know the right questions to ask, or things to look out for. For instance, consumers have gotten more aware and are better educated now when it comes to products of personal grooming or their food. They seek out quality products and are willing to pay a premium for the good stuff. Because, use a cheap shampoo with harsh chemicals, and you’ll soon notice your hair going brittle and lacking lustre. Or if you keep up your routine with low quality facial products, don’t be surprised if your skin starts flaking or oozing extra nasty goo. Also, organic produce are growing in popularity in many places as their superior nutritional values and taste become more and more evident.

Naturally, we are quick to notice these differences because we see and feel them for ourselves. However, when it comes to our vehicles, many of us are oblivious to the repeated damage and degradation that slowly but surely lead to irreversible or costly problems which arise at one point or another. In many cases, we unknowingly treat our cars like junk through improper care in the wrong hands. Think of all the times you’ve tried to self-wash at home with abrasive rag cloths and harsh detergents, or sent your car to a random backyard shed where the guys have no clue what they’re doing. Some of us.. make that many of us, also fall for the convenience of dropping off our cars at the many wash & wax operators in the parking basement of shopping malls that we frequent. Unfortunately, we actually think we’re giving our cars a treat while saving the hassle of finding a parking space during peak hours.

Well let’s just say the truth will shock you when you find out what actually happens in those few hours your car is left with them. They boldly claim to do in one hour, what professional auto detailers sometimes take up to half a day to complete. At their very attractive price point, you can also be certain that the products used are nothing more than the harshest chemicals that are not suitable for a vehicle’s delicate paintwork. They dazzle you with fancy terms or numbers, pretty pictures and amazing guarantees. But most of their staff likely do not have the necessary skills, experience or tools to deliver the kind of results that you can expect from a proper shop. And that’s just scratching the surface of the atrocities done onto their customers’ cars.

Look at it this way, if you owned a thousand dollar gown or suit, would you want them soaking in bleach or spinning in a rusty drum? You’d be hesitant even throwing your custom tailored shirts or designer dresses into the washer at home. No instead, for your favourite and most delicate garments, you trust them to the recommended dry cleaners in your neighbourhood. It’s easy to say all these things, but even more important to demonstrate how we really stand out from the rest. Look we’re not out here to disparage anyone. We’re not naming names or pointing fingers. But the fact is that a few bad apples in every type of business or industry, spoil the honest hard work of the remaining good operators. And since it’s your hard-earned money at play, you need to make your own choices and decide for yourself. But only after you’re equipped with the requisite knowledge and checklists to make an informed decision.

There’s a lot to talk about so we’ll be covering more of this topic from various angles in the future. But for now, if you’re not one who’s discerning enough yet to tell the good from the bad, we suggest you ask around your more experienced friends as a start.

However, if you have a pressing question, and if we can be of any help, do get in touch through the comments section here or even give us a call directly. We’ll gladly share our expertise with no obligation on your part – although we’d surely love for you to join the RV family as one of our valued customers. We’re confident that you’ll consistently be hearing from many of them, our reputation and track record of delivering the best of the best.