Complete turnaround restoration of BMW 5 Series E60

Transforming this prized family car to be handed down from father to son

Our latest restoration project involved this 5 Series that had been bruised and battered over the years through lots of hardship and service for its original owner. With their son coming of age and with times as bad as they currently are, this large sedan is as good a hand me down as one could ask for. But first, there was a bunch of work to be done to turn it into a stylish, presentable and comfortable ride for a young urban adult out to make an impression at work and amongst the ladies.

As you can tell from the photos, the exterior paintwork was in a seriously deteriorated condition and some minor repair plus a full respray was in order to change it to a new sleek midnight blue colour. With a fresh layer of high quality paint firmly in place, we followed up with the latest GYEON Quartz Q2 DuraBead coating for an unbeatable shine and protection with the world’s longest lasting water beading effect.

Stepping into the vehicle clearly showed that the interior wasn’t in any better shape either. The leather seats were aged, stained and unsightly; the overall trim was faded and peeling. Everything just appeared dull and didn’t feel very sexy at all. To restore the inner cabin to an almost brand new look and feel, we needed to change a few parts and refurbish the rest while keeping the budget within reasonable limits without compromising on the quality or results.

Check out some of the pre-restoration photos below:


Have a look at the final results below:

After a couple of weeks, a beautifully rejuvenated vehicle with a new lease of life was born out from our workshop to the great satisfaction of both parents and son. Boy, is this baby ready to go places and see faces!

If you too have an old treasured vehicle lying around which you’d like to renew and keep for a little longer, you might want to consider our Turnaround Restoration Project that covers the following items at a package price of only RM10,000-RM12,000 for services that altogether cost above RM15,000 individually. Talk to us and arrange for a visit to get a detailed estimate for your own car and save yourself a whole bunch of money.

  1. Repair and respray whole vehicle to your colour of choice
  2. GYEON Quartz paintwork protection Ceramic Coating
  3. Refurbishment of sport rims
  4. Replacement of interior roof lining
  5. Refurbishment of seats, door handles, gear lever and coin box (seat rewrap at additional charge)
  6. Headlamp restoration
  7. New number plate
  8. Additional requirements available on request

Most suitable for the following models:

BMW 3 series – E46, E90
BMW 5 series – E39, E60
BMW 7 series – E38, E65

Merc C Class – W203, W204
Merc E Class – W210, W211
Merc S Class – W220, W221