Mercedes-AMG C63 with GYEON Quartz coating

The new Mercedes‬AMG‬ C63‬ V8 is a model of uninhibited raw power and modern sporty luxury. And when you get your hands on a super-saloon as pure and true as this, you’ll want to have it fully lavished and prepped before it hits the road in howling fashion.

At REGAL‬ ‪VALET, there are a few basic necessities that we provide for your new car. To read more and see examples of our past work, please browse around our blog or call us at 1700-81-7569.

  • Professional‬ ‪‎paintwork‬ ‪‎correction detail to rectify and eliminate surface imperfections permanently from the surface of your vehicle for a deep radiant gloss and unblemished aesthetics;
  • Choice of the latest ceramic‬ quartz‬ coatings from internationally‬‪ award‬winning‬ brand GYEON‬ Quartz for advanced protection and superior shine. These specialist-grade products have been reviewed by renowned detailers in the UK to be the best that money can buy. In the US, the Ferrari‬ Club‬ of America‬ officially endorses GYEON Quartz as its official car care partner;
  • Authentic‬ window‬ tints‬ by reputable major brands where you are always assured of top quality results, getting what you pay for and not having to worry about wasting your hard-earned money on knock-offs or underperforming films;
  • RV‬ Sprayworks by REGAL VALET is our in-house custom‬ paint‬ and bodyworks‬ unit that provides repair‬ and respraying‬ services at high quality and reasonable pricing for times when you’re unlucky enough to hit a curb or scratch a door.