Mazda RX-7 breaks out the bright yellow sunshine

Whether it’s inspired by Bumblebee, the LA Lakers, a love for sunshine, or our client’s favourite yellow rubber ducky as a child, this completely transformed Mazda RX-7 now radiates a renewed sense of confidence, energy and positivity all around. And while we’re at it, let’s add happiness and warmth to the list as well — all the great things that this royal colour symbolises.

Completed just recently, the photo reel below showcases just how the RX-7 evolved from its grey camouflage stickers back to green and finally into the final look of Competition Yellow, all very carefully executed by RV Sprayworks. Over at our paint facilities, Master Painter Kong puts his many years of experience and deep technical know-how together to create masterful results with the use of original premium-grade materials that stand the test of time.

The RX-7 in its previous sticker wrap looking pretty funky and hot


Over at our paint shop, the vehicle is put through its external transformation process

In addition to the colour change, a new custom bodykit was installed together with a rejuvenated interior through an all-new Black Nappa Leather with Yellow Stitching design combination for the seats and upholstery, plus Alcantara Roof Lining to complete the aesthetics.

The Results: Whole vehicle improvements and real benefits to be enjoyed by all.. Beautiful from the outside and within.
#Renewed, #Enhanced, and importantly #Protected.. this legendary cult favourite is hitting the roads and spreading some serious yellow fever on the fast lane.

The finished results of the interior makeover looking every bit as premium and stylish as can be

As final gravy and icing on the cake, the high-quality paintwork was refined to a mirror perfect finish and protected with our top-range GYEON Quartz DuraBead Coating that promises the world’s longest lasting water beading effect, with some of the most incredibly deep gloss you can find.

Back in our studio, the car is detailed to perfection prior to installation of the GYEON Coating

If you like what you see, you can be sure that our craftsmanship together with the award-winning performance of GYEON’s hard-working solutions can deliver superior results for you as well. Isn’t it time to try something better for your car?