You Ask, We Answer: All About GYEON Coatings

What is a Ceramic Quartz Coating?

It is like a modern-day car wax, but just with hugely superior properties. It lasts much, much longer without reapplication, offers increased hardness to prevent swirl marks easily occurring in your paint over time, and it offers excellent self- cleaning abilities – meaning it makes dirt fall off and also easier for you to wash your car.

Why would you need 2 different products for one coating?

Simply because they offer 2 different properties that are hard to combine into just one formula. The base coat offers primarily ‘the base’ of hardness, with some depth and gloss, whilst the top coat offers the ‘weather resistance’ of repelling water and dirt – and yes with some extra added gloss because you cannot have too much of this.

Why are only GYEON Certified Detailers allowed to use Q2 MOHS+ and Q2 DURABEAD?

Because they have been trained on the correct preparation, application and curing, in ideal conditions. All these factors are very important in permitting MOHS+ or DURABEAD to perform for years to come. If they are compromised, then your coating could be as well, and we do not want this. Expert GYEON Certified Detailers are some of the best in the world, they know about automotive paint and how to polish it to perfection. They are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to be able to deliver professional results – offering you the very best service for your car.

Why is your warranty 5 years?

Because we are able to fully stand behind it and have actual proven results to show. Yes some companies offer ‘lifetime’ warranties, but maybe you should ask whose lifetime, yours, the car’s, plus all the fine prints that come with it – if something appears too good to be true, that is because it usually is. But some other companies offer ‘10 year’ warranties; maybe we will too once we have proved this without doubt, but unlike companies that have not even been around for 10 years, we like to be absolutely sure of our results based on real experience, not supposed lab tests or pure hype.

Will your coatings last?

Yes if you look after your car and provide some level of care. Washing correctly, using quality shampoo and using some of the Q2M products will all make sure our coatings last and live up to promises. It you are going to neglect your car, put it through constant brush washes, leave bird droppings or tree sap on the paint for weeks – then it is going to shorten the life expectation. We are very open and honest; if you look after your car with our coating – it will carry on performing for years – guaranteed.

Which product is right for me?

If you are new to the world of ceramic coatings then this can all appear daunting, why do we have different products and which one is the right one for you? It depends on you and your car’s lifestyle, simply contact your local GYEON Quartz Detailer and we can offer you friendly support and advice to find out which products suit your needs best. We are not a 1 product fits all like some companies, we have the exact solution for your needs.