Is your brand new car really brand new?

Professional auto detailing leaves your new car in better than showroom condition

Well I guess it’s safe to assume that everyone’s pretty much settled down after all the recent festivities – including those lucky enough to overindulge in some extended merry-making sessions. So now it’s back to routine and life as usual for most of us. Another 12 months before we savour again all our favourite home-cooked dishes and relish the sweet scent and unmistakable feel of crisp mint notes in our ang pows. So new, so completely fine to the touch and just so perfect in every single way; in fact almost too good to use really..

And that brings us to the topic of today: your latest and greatest dream car freshly picked up from the showroom. It comes as no surprise that most people would expect these vehicles to arrive in pretty mint condition, or at least try to come quite close. The brand new car you’ve just spent a fortune on is supposed to be free from blemish and imperfections. Spotless and perfect from every angle, shining loud and proud in full glory. Right? But oftentimes upon taking a closer look, you’ll come to a sadly different conclusion. Sure, you’d be forgiven if you had little clue or didn’t know what to look for. After all, light scratches, orange peel, swirl marks or watermarks are usually missed by the untrained eye. But these surface defects are often the most prevalent, and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve just purchased an expensive European marque.

As a matter of fact, it is common knowledge that some of these well-known German brands are the ones most susceptible to orange peel. No, orange peel appears neither orange in colour nor smells like citrus. It is the rough, bumpy texture similar to those of an orange skin that shows up on the surface of your vehicle as a result of improper spraying techniques and uneven drying of the final gloss coat. A simple reasoning as to why this happens comes down to man vs machine. Unfortunately, when it comes to something like this, having a car that’s robotic sprayed is not nearly as good as one that’s human sprayed. To achieve a beautiful uniform finish requires much valuable time and expensive workmanship – and this simply isn’t viable in the modern world of mass automotive production lines. And unless the dealer or showroom make an effort to correct all these problems before delivering the car to you, you’re left with only 2 choices: live with it and try to find the humour within; or spend a little money to have it fixed or at least minimised by a professional auto detailing shop.

If you’re not the settling type however, or if you just don’t have a very good sense of humour, certainly check properly before accepting the car from your sales advisor. And if they won’t or are clearly unable to resolve the issue for you – which is usually the case – we suggest you start looking around town for some long term solutions. A reliable custom spray and body shop or a high level auto detailer will be able to advise you on the best course of action depending on your individual requirements, expectations and budget.

Having said that, if you happen to be in the market for a BMW or a Honda, you can save yourself all the eyesore, heartache and that extra hole in your wallet from the start by getting your vehicles from Quill Automobiles and The Millennium Auto & Carriage respectively. They are indeed the select few responding to the needs of their customers by ensuring all their cars are in a state of paintwork perfection before you receive them.

Thanks for reading! Continue scrolling down for a couple of visuals with accompanying explanations. If you have any further inquiry about the subject matter, please drop us a note.

Swirl marks and light scratches (right side) that look like spiderwebs from improper handling as the car travels a long distance from the factory floor, across oceans, through ports and highways before finally arriving at the showroom: 
Unsightly orange peel texture defects from uneven robotic spray of the clear coat due to the demands of mass production in the factory. In this instance, the sharp eye and steady hands of an experienced master painter wins over machine:Orange Peel
Correction of orange peel through a careful process of wet sanding and polishing of the clear coat. But doing that alone will thin down the clear coat significantly. Because of RV Sprayworks, we’re able to go a step further by spraying on a fresh new layer of quality clear coat in between the wet sanding and polishing steps to ensure a much better and longer-lasting finish:
The final results create a night and day difference to how your car looks without orange peel. In most cases, surface defects and imperfections on new cars can be significantly minimised, if not completely corrected in the skilled hands of professionals:Orange Peel Gone

The holidays may be over, but the year is clearly still young – and there’s no better way to spend every single day than with a full load of gusto and a healthy dose of joie de vivre. Back to the grind but always with a shine!