Oh what’s GST got to do, got to do with it..

The good, the bad and a happy ending: a sweet offer just for you!

We are about one week away from the commencement of the much anticipated (dreaded/hated/feared?) GST era that looks certain to affect a great cross section of the population in one way or another. Blessed is the man with nary a care or worry about the impending taxes and potential increases in price for much of our daily consumables and frequent indulgences. We, for one, are on our toes as the date creeps ever closer; there are many considerations to mind, and a whole lot of things to look into in order to ensure our customers are taken care of, while keeping our business operations smooth-sailing through everything.

As very responsible and completely law-abiding citizens, we have gone through the process to become fully GST-registered and compliant – software and equipment in place, training completed and the emergency hotline to tech support on speed dial just in case! Unfortunately but quite inevitably, we’ve had to revise some of the prices within our portfolio; however the good news is that most of our core services will remain at current price levels. Yay? Absolutely.

So what’s changing? Not a whole lot for now~

What we’ve focused on instead, is optimising RV’s total offer so that we’re better able to cater and serve as many of you as possible within our specialised market segment. Overall, the restructuring and recategorisation of our menu so to speak, will allow us to leverage the opening of our brand new Damansara flagship to deliver the next level in service standards, product variety and premium experience to all of you. In terms of pricing, we have decided to implement different tiers based on a combination of car make, model and size criteria. But the classifications we’ve set up go beyond mere physical traits. A more important determining factor revolves around the technical nature and characteristics of the paint type for each vehicle category. For example, in general most Asian makes have softer clear coats as compared to the European marques – making them much easier and quicker to work on.

So as you will see, the price of our signature paintwork recovery featuring Extreme Detailing plus GYEON Q2 MOHS+ ceramic quartz coating (click to site) will be at RM3000 for the first category or level. At this tier, we wanted to be generous by including most of the standard Asian makes plus smaller-sized models from many other brands – Accords, 3s and the Cs included. And as you move up the scale onto grander and more sophisticated vehicles, there will be slight increases through each tier to account for either a larger vehicle or a more challenging and time-consuming work process. At the end of the day, we wanted to establish a fair and reasonable approach to how we operate post-GST, and we trust that this will be a good start. Nevertheless, if you have questions regarding any of this, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss through in detail.

So enough of the serious stuff already. Look out for April 1!

Yes, April 1 will be D-Day, and we thought of just taking a bit of the edge off everybody by organising a pretty cool promo, all in the name of some good fun and play. Since 6 will be the big number on everyone’s mind, how about we mark the occasion with our very own 6-6-6 PROMO starting on Wednesday, 1st April 2015 through the weekend. So listen up, here’s what we got planned. Quote “6-6-6 GST” when booking or visiting our outlet to receive the following benefits:

(04/01 UPDATE: as a response to customer feedback, this promo will now be valid all April 2015)

  • Not only will you not pay an extra 6% since we’re absorbing the tax on most of our stuff, we will give you a 6% discount on any auto detailing package. That’s the first 6.
  • Secondly, the first 6 customers in each outlet each week (count resets every Sunday) to purchase a detailing package will receive a 1-year AktivCare plan for free. This is a comprehensive aftercare programme consisting of 2 sessions, once every 6 months, and is worth a whole lot of money.
  • And the final 6? All paying customers during this period will be gifted an Auto Bath Card which entitles you to 6 sessions of professional car wash at any of our outlets.

So how about that? Something to look forward to, ay? Well, we’ve gone on for quite a bit here now, so we’ll save the details on our quartz coating services for another day. But before we go, here’s a little something for you to check out:

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