Heartaches that come along with car ownership

The uninitiated amongst us, when embarking on the journey of new car ownership, can sometimes be oblivious to the challenges and tests that lie ahead. Like welcoming a new child into the family, a new car also comes with a set of responsibilities requiring a certain amount of knowledge, fortitude and perseverance. There will be many a moment of joy and elation, yes – but lest one forgets that life is not always a bed of roses – little junior soon rears its ugly head.

With the benefit of good judgment, we shall leave the subject of newborn children to the experts, and focus instead on the particularly beloved material possession often taken as one’s very own son, daughter, or better half.

For sure, nothing truly beats the feeling of stepping into our brand new car every single day as it shuttles us along our daily routes and usual destinations. Our handling and upkeep of the vehicle is deliberate from the onset. We go to great lengths to avoid the smallest pot holes or road humps, take great pains to find the perfectly spaced out parking lot and constantly worry about bird droppings landing on the windscreen. The car as far as we’re concerned is a picture of perfection; pure, untainted and shall henceforth remain unblemished long into the future.

But things seldom go as planned. We all know very well and are certain to remember that one day or specific moment that shattered our private illusions of perfection, so I shall not delve too much into it. But as you might guess, it usually ends with us standing there, staring down two routes. Learn to let go and start embracing this new picture of imperfection as quickly as possible; or continue to feel so monumentally troubled that we set out to rectify the damage – time, cost and collateral damage to our pockets be damned.

Now I got my car almost exactly one year ago in late March 2014. Over the past year, I’ve suffered the odd scruff from whizzing motorcycles which are my ultimate pet peeve by the way, underside scrapes from hidden road curbs plus some mystery scars from incidents I neither realised nor remembered. Some of these I managed to fix with little hassle, while others stayed on as permanent markings I’ve come to accept and live with for now. Eventually though as they start to accumulate, I will have to make the call that enough is enough – my car needs to return to its once original state of perfection. This will involve amongst other things, some minor body knocking, panel respray, professional paintwork correction and the final GYEON Quartz coating as icing on the cake.

So as far as we’re concerned, these are some of the main enemies of a beautifully maintained vehicle. And we’re putting together a special programme to guard against and proactively address these problems as they arise. The goal is simple – to keep each vehicle in as perfect a condition as possible, for as long as you want. Is there anything else that causes you heartache every time you see it on your car? Let us know so that we can put together the perfect plan to help you combat the things you hate (crazy bosses and demanding in-laws not included!).

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