Changing your upholstery for that brand new feeling

Rewrapping your seats can completely restore the appearance and feel of your vehicle

We all have our cherished cars that have stuck with us for a long time, often with sentimental values. But it’s almost impossible to escape problems of wear and tear especially if we’ve not been fully attentive in our maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle.

The interior cabin and upholstery tend to show signs of ageing after many years and this Honda Legend is a case in point. The leather seats and interior trimmings have degraded to the point where the car looked sorely in need of some restoration works.

As you can see from the before and after photos below, there is a dramatic difference to the appearance and feel of the entire vehicle once you decide to get it fixed professionally. In fact, we managed to achieve such a drastic improvement to the entire vehicle, the owner was overjoyed to say the least.

Depending on your budget and personal preference, we offer choices of PU, normal leather or Napa leather to deliver a renewed luxurious feeling to your aged vehicles that you want to continue enjoying for many more years to come.