Seeing beyond just skin deep, looking beneath the surface


They say true quality only shows through the real test of time.

Indeed words of wisdom that apply to many a thing in life, both material and intrinsic. So it’s not just about that expensive shiny metal in your garage. Or even the fancy clothes you wear, the food that you eat or the everyday essentials that you buy. It goes beyond where you cut your hair, what products you use on your face, which brands of handbags (or manbags) you carry and who does your weekly facial or tends to your garden. As a matter of fact, this adage remains especially true when it comes to the person you end up marrying, and the children you bring up in the world.

So yes, in reality, when it comes to all these things – some trivial, many routine, and few life-changing – cliche as it may sound, you usually get what you pay for. But oftentimes, the inherent quality, results or effects are neither apparent nor obvious from the beginning unless you know where to look and what to notice. After all, all freshly painted cars do often look fantastic at the start, even when done by two completely different shops of varying levels of quality and workmanship. How durable and long-lasting they end up being though, is a completely different matter.

A 2-hour long hair cut by renowned stylists at Shawn’s Cutler or Toni & Guy, which admittedly, will set you back quite a bit more compared to the 10-minute snip at an express kiosk in the basement mall is another case in point, especially for ladies who tend to keep much longer and elaborate hairstyles. Professionally coiffed hair simply makes you look and feel like a million bucks, and the benefits from its continuous ease of management and longevity of the cut become apparent in the following weeks.

At the end of the day, the incremental value one gets from paying a premium for a higher standard of product or service is personal and relative. What matters to one person, may mean little to another. I was at a Gucci event just last week and a few conversations with some friends and other attendees really drove home this point for me. One person in particular was dressed to the nines and kicking it with a pair of Louboutin’s that kind of hurt my eyes a little to be honest.

If you carry Chanel and rock your Louboutin’s but leave your car in a sorry state, you might want to start showing it more love.

So clearly he’s one who enjoyed spending a lot of money on fashion to look good together with all the frills of a fancy lifestyle; but when it came to his car, he was of the opinion that a few thousand ringgit would be too much to invest on something that he only planned to keep around for a couple of years. All along, he’s been perfectly happy dropping off the car at random subpar vendors for the occasional wash and the twice a year polish and wax job. Well I doubt he will be wearing his thorny shoes as much as he will be driving and living in his underloved car in these next few years.

I just figured he was one of those people who dressed to the nines and dined in fancy restaurants, yet paid little heed to the car that ferries him about town. And I wondered aloud if he was being somewhat callous when it came to caring for his precious vehicle and not affording it the time and attention it deserved. And only because he was an old acquaintance, I had the audacity to tell him to get his priorities straight.

At RV, what we’ve always set out to do is deliver professional premium standard quality and workmanship, both in the products we carry, and the services we render through a team of experienced technicians. And in launching our brand new Damansara flagship, we are taking the Malaysian auto care and car styling experience to a higher level that is readily accessible to car loving enthusiasts who are willing to spend a bit more time and money for the pleasures of having a pristine looking and immaculately maintained vehicle at all times. If you haven’t already, come drop by our latest outlet at Lot 2805, Jalan Damansara. The entrance is through the gates of Lotus Malaysia 3S Centre.