Restoring the interior and seats of Golf GTI

From old and dodgy to a truly luxe sensation all over — a transformed Golf GTI!

Over the years, this GTI has gone places and seen faces, and as a result of all these taxing activities, after 7 years or so, things started falling apart inside. As you can see from the photos, the seams had ripped, linings exposed and hanging; sitting in there and having a few more passengers inside wasn’t the most comforting experience for anyone I was told.

And so one fine day, it was decided that the car was still in good condition everywhere else, and a little restoration to the inner cabin would get it back up and running like its original self for many more years. True enough, when the whole process was completed, it was like jumping into a really new vehicle all over again. The old and soiled fabric seat covers were gone; everything now smelled nice, the seats and upholstery now boasted a high quality genuine leather touch.

Check out the photos below, starting from some shots of the worn out appearance with the original fabric seats and linings we talked about:


As you can see, that wasn’t a pretty sight and definitely not inviting to the senses. So once work commenced, every part that needed to be restored was ripped out and prepared for the transformation. Not many people have seen a vehicle stripped to the bones like this I might guess.


Work took about a week, and the rewrapped components were all brought back together into a renewed and completely transformed vehicle that would surely make any driver proud. The decision to upgrade to dark leather seats truly made a dramatic difference. Have a look at the finished work:


So what do you think. In instances where you just love your car too much to let it go, warts and all, consider a quality restoration and rewrapping service from us to bring the joy and comfort back to your ride. Get in touch for more info and customised quote for your vehicle.

Here’s one final side by side comparison of the before and after.