Car care advice and the amazing GYEON Bathe+ shampoo

In this latest magazine article in Men’s Health May 2015, we highlight a few key points around best practices in car care and professional detailing services, summarised below:

  1. Choosing where to send your car for its weekly wash is probably one of the most important factors in your personal car care routine. Cheap and fast will not be worth it in the long run. The most ideal car wash leaves your vehicle clean without causing marks and blemishes from harsh chemicals or abrasives stripping away its clear-coat properties. For those who enjoy washing their cars at home, try the GYEON quartz BATHE+ shampoo – it’s a really high quality product with a Silicon Dioxide formulation that provides short-term coating effects. So good, it’s been voted by consumers and detailers worldwide as the top 2 best innovative product in 2014.
  2. The choice between protecting and shining your car with either wax or the latest quartz coating is a personal one. There is no right or wrong, but it’s best for you to make up your own mind after a bit of research. The trend globally though, is heading towards quality coatings that offer a higher level of semi-permanent protection with much longer durability compared to waxes, especially in our hot and wet climate. To read what one of UK’s most renowned specialist detailers, Polished Bliss have to say about the different types of coating and specifically reviewing GYEON Quartz, visit
  3. Having said that, it is not a one-off thing as ongoing maintenance will still be necessary to upkeep the vehicle so that you enjoy the results of the waxed or coated car for a longer period of time. With a hard coating however, the necessity to polish over and over again is reduced, as the coating provides a certain amount of barrier against superficial damages. And when polishing is necessary, work is done on this coating layer, leaving the thickness of your clear-coat intact.MH May Article