Between chalk and cheese, let’s all have a cheese platter!


Although they are common processes in the auto detailing industry, all polishing or coating work done by different vendors in the market are not the same. While everyone may tout similar features or fancy technicalities, some will have little beneficial impact whereas others will generate significant value to the final aesthetics and your long-term enjoyment of the car. Skills and experience aside, a lot of it also comes down to the selection of the products and raw materials used, which can vary as much in quality as in price.

For example, we pay around 3-5 times more on average for our working materials, polishing compounds and coating solutions compared to many of the cheaper brands or generic products we are constantly offered but usually end up rejecting. What many people don’t realise is the fact that in places where prices are dirt cheap, their low operating margins mean that they need to make up the profits through sheer volume and super low cost in order to keep their business afloat.

Consequently, what this means for end-consumers is simply inferior products and minimal attention to each individual vehicle. Speed rules and cutting corners become the norm. Their final objective at the end of the day is to get as many cars as they can, in and out, in record time and at the lowest cost possible. At these places, you can bet your last dollar it ain’t about no labour of love. Dedication and passion for cars? Forget about it!


If this sounds all good to you, you’re in luck and spoilt for choice. But if you’re here following us, then it’s unlikely you’re the type that would try to save the RM2 parking fee by leaving your vehicle on the risky high traffic road behind the Curve; or the kind of person who rushes to the latest RM5 express car wash and watch it get all scratched up along the way.

In case you were wondering what that headline above was all about, “As different as chalk and cheese” is actually an old proverbial phrase to suggest that two things, while superficially alike, are totally different in their qualities and substance. In this regard, REGAL VALET when compared to most other detailing centres outside, is just that: chalk and cheese.

We are not prepared to put anything but the best onto our very own cars, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our customers get the very best as well.