GYEON Quartz officially tested and certified by KTR and SGS

Certifications are all fine and good, but what truly matter are actual performance under real situations and long-term value to our customers.

GYEON Quartz ceramic quartz coatings have passed rigorous testing and are officially certified by the world’s two leading verification, testing and certification companies, the Korean Testing and Research Institute (KTR) and SGS Taiwan. We do not often boast of this because in our opinion, whilst important, what these tests prove are merely the state and condition of the coated substrates at the very beginning. They do not demonstrate a product’s durability or hardiness; and neither do those pieces of paper guarantee performance 6, 10, or 24 months down the road. In other words, you couldn’t tell from these reports whether or not the coating will ‘crack under pressure’ in due time. So while certifications are a good starting point in determining the potential worthiness of a product or the reputability of its manufacturer, they tell only a partial story.

Similarly, an ISO certification shows that the manufacturer is efficient in following factory processes and that they meet a certain level of requirement in their documented procedures or quality management system. In many cases, these paperwork are a requisite formality for large corporations to gain access to new markets, sign big contracts and satisfy legislations. Of the many OEM products that abound in the market, you can bet that their manufacturers too come loaded with all sorts of certs and titles. But it’s also common knowledge that a lot of OEM products lag behind the latest cutting-edge solutions by specialist companies in the aftermarket that focus solely on delivering the most high-end innovations to top-tier detailing studios. For OEMs by and large, the general focus is on economies of scale, cost efficiency and the arduous task of generating high profitability while maintaining a reasonable quality level acceptable to the masses.

Now, the Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R and CLK came through our doors earlier this month and were absolutely detailed to perfection plus treated with a world-renowned, award-winning brand of ceramic quartz coating. The range of specialist coatings found here at RV, Malaysia’s exclusive distributor and certified detailer of GYEON quartz have been reviewed by top detailers around the world to be the most advanced available today, and the best that money can buy.

Distinguishing amongst all the different types of products available in the market does require a little bit of research and self-education, and we’re always ready to answer all your questions and help you figure things out. Call 1-700-81-7569 for hype-free authentic advice. ‪#‎GyeonSellsTruth‬