Makeover for BMW M3 Limited Edition to Santorini Blue

Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time..

But hang on — that’s not something many of us can say with real honesty, let alone sing with true conviction.. to our cars; about anything at all in fact, if we’re being really honest with ourselves! For car lovers and auto fiends alike, things have this habit of growing a little staid on their own after awhile; and over the course of months or years, we just get this sudden itch to switch things up a little. Well fortunately, a makeover to our vehicles is something relatively affordable and certainly within the means of many people. And that’s certainly true when compared to the prospect of signing up for a brand new car every 2 years.

We’ve done a number of these for a wide range of vehicles this year alone, but we’d like to share some photos particularly of a recent project for this M3 as the results came out pretty impressive by the owner’s account.

The key components of the makeover involved:

⏩ Full-body paintwork resprayed to M3 Santorini Blue by RV Sprayworks
GYEON Quartz coating with Q2 DuraBead for shine, protection and incredible water beading
⏩ Interior Rewrap with original BMW Nappa Leather + Semi-Leather/Alcantara steering wheel with M stitching
⏩ Rims touched up and resprayed Black to complete the look

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Before the makeover, in its original state:

A quick glimpse into the makeover process:

The final results in stunning Santorini Blue, looking majestic: