Specialist coating with Master Detailing & GYEON Quartz

Experience our upgraded range of specialist coating packages with great value and unbeatable results for every car lover

So what makes these new packages different from the rest? For a start, when you opt for the Master Detailing programme, it will be much unlike what you would normally get from the average shop that churns out car after car in mere hours with only basic paintwork correction or surface preparation followed by the equally quick coating process. On the flip side, prior to commencing work here at RV, many individual components are carefully disassembled by our skilled technician to allow for dedicated attention and to enable full access into the deep recesses and hidden corners all around your vehicle.

Not your regular polish and wax job… truly a leap above the ordinary

The entire work process of the Master Detailing programme requires an average of 5 full days to complete from start to finish. And because we leave no stones unturned to ensure a superior finish inside out, you are guaranteed to see and feel a marked difference regardless if you own a vehicle that has taken a fair amount of beating over the years, or if you’ve just gotten your hands on a relatively new flashy recond unit.

When the entire vehicle has received an optimum level of treatment and corrective work, it is finally sealed with the award-winning ceramic quartz coating by GYEON Quartz. Promising superior shine and advanced protection, this comprehensive surface coating system is made up of a complete range of specialised product for different parts of the vehicle. This will lock in the pristine surface condition plus create all the remarkable benefits and visual effects that have come to be renowned around the world.

This Audi R8 V10 opted for the specialist package that comes with 5 years warranty, Master Detailing programme, GYEON Quartz coating for the paintwork and all other surfaces plus a bunch of other valuable bonuses.

Higher quality results, more comprehensive work and outstanding value! Try out this package today.