Subaru BRZ makeover by RV Sprayworks

With temperatures rising through the roof, this Subaru BRZ decides to chill out in blue

Indisputably a mini-monster of a sports coupe on the road in any shade or colour, a long-time client of RV decided to up the ante in the finesse department for one of his most prized vehicle. You got to admit — switching over from its original flaming red to an oceanic tone of laser blue for this Subaru BRZ does seem like the right thing to do in our soaring desert heat these days.

A few quick shots of the car before the makeover:

Custom respray projects by RV Sprayworks.. a long-term investment worth every penny

If you’ve ever wondered what sets RV Sprayworks apart from regular paint booths in the market, you will find that it really comes down to our commitment in delivering great results time after time. And that’s only possible because as a boutique outfit, each assignment like this is performed by our dedicated team with no unnecessary time pressures or other constraints faced by high-turnover operators.

Transforming a vehicle into your custom colour of choice is nothing short of the master painter’s work of art and weeks of long, hard labour of love. In order for us to have the confidence to create superior outcomes to the satisfaction of our most demanding customers, we place complete priority on the use of advanced techniques based on years of industry experience plus the meticulous application of high-grade tools and raw materials.

At the end of the day, all of this comes together to help us consistently deliver on our brand promise.

Successfully accomplished results that look even more stunning up-close: