High level detailing as Authorised Detailer for Rolls-Royce

Being the Authorised Detailer for Rolls-Royce, we maintain an exceptional level of quality standards befitting the image of this marque

Along with a number of other top names in luxury automobile, owning a Rolls-Royce is the ultimate dream for many, but sadly a reality for a very select few. The experience of going hands-on with some of the most expensive cars on our roads is something we look forward to each time to challenge our capabilities in bringing out the utmost aesthetics value.

In the first set of photos below, the vehicle came in for a round of detailing, and the work done on the rims using the correct tools and equipment brought back an incredible level of shine. Even the wheel calipers can be resprayed and restored to its original condition for a brand new appearance.


From its original classic two-toned paintwork, we resprayed the next Rolls-Royce to a sleek pure black finish

At RV Sprayworks, we do a whole lot of custom paint jobs to exacting demands and precise requirements. Respraying an entire vehicle is a task that commands great experience and superior techniques, going through the process in meticulous detail over time without hurry or shortcuts.

To have a uniform quality finish that is pleasing to the eyes from every angle, we need to use high-grade paints and advanced equipment to achieve results desired by this owner who expected nothing short of perfection.