New improved GYEON MOHS+ ceramic quartz coating

NEW‬ breakthrough‬ formula‬ with the upgraded GYEON‬ Quartz‬‪ MOHS‬+ coating, offering enhanced‬ ‪‎performance‬ and ‪‎improved‬‪ durability‬

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 GYEON specialised products and coating solutions have been rigorously tested under strict criteria and tough conditions to prove its real-life capabilities.
 Certified by both SGS in Taiwan and KTR in Korea for its 9H hardness to promise exceptional protection of your vehicle against environmental pollutants and accidental abrasions.
 Ordinary coatings may perform well in the lab, but tend to falter quickly after several months in our harsh climate. GYEON has been proven to last as advertised with a new 5-year manufacturer warranty.


 Widely preferred and endorsed by top detailing studios around the world to be the most advanced paint protection system available today for vehicles of every brand or type.
 Winning awards regionally and globally, GYEON continues to build upon its reputation of developing internationally-acclaimed car care solutions of the highest quality for both professional and home use.
 Unlike generic formulations sourced from contract manufacturers, GYEON’s complete range of products are carefully researched and produced in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Korea.


 Certain coating offers out there may cost a lot of money, but with GYEON you will enjoy great returns on your investment with industry-leading results at affordable pricing minus the fluff and bluster.
 Whatever your needs or requirements, there is a perfect solution within the family of GYEON specialist coatings to help you maximise your budget.
 Forget about warranty claims that don’t really mean a thing once you go through the fine print; with GYEON everything is clear and transparent so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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