Panamera 4 renewed, reconditioned and protected by GYEON Quartz

Buying a Porsche should be a momentous occasion for anyone — whether it’s your very first, or the 7th addition to the collection in your basement garage.

So when we received this Panamera 4 recently calling out in distress due to prolonged lack of attention and insufficient care, we sprang right into action beckoned by our client’s request to have it completely turned around from inside out.

At the outset, the dulled paintwork was heavily marred with scratches, swirls, water spots and other contaminants. The interior was likewise heavily soiled with dirt and stains and the client was particularly concerned with getting it back to brand new condition.

Our Master Detailing programme entails disassembling the major components to allow for access into hidden compartments and deep recesses of the vehicle, so that every nook and cranny can be detailed to a higher state of cleanliness and visual perfection.

This service takes close to a week and as you can see, no effort is spared to turn around the state of the vehicle so that the client gets to enjoy the experience of stepping into this brand new Porsche Panamera 4, as he did for the very first time over four years ago.

More than anything else, we were asked to pay extreme attention to the inner cabin as to him, that was even more important than a beautiful looking exterior. Fair enough, who can argue with the age old wisdom that it’s what’s on the inside that matters. To us though, we always take a holistic view and whether it’s inside, outside, on top or underneath the hoods, every spot deserves to be given the best treatment.

The spotless and invigorating interior, a far cry from the dirty, yellowed surfaces with stains from many years of use:

After one long enjoyable week of detailing, restoration, and reconditioning every part of the Panamera 4, it finally came to the stage of locking in the rediscovered shine and giving it some really high-end protection by coating with the GYEON Q2 MOHS+. This professional ceramic quartz coating comes with a full 5-year warranty so that you get real value for your investment. Even better, the package also includes complete specialised SiO2 protection for every other component of the car like the windows, rim, tire, trim, leather and fabric. The car was finally ready to be presented back to the client to be driven around proudly once again!