This BMW 630i is prime example of a car that needs to be revived

You may think that a car that has been put through its paces for years, ending up in a state like it’s shown here, is well on its way to the point of no return. However, for a small investment you can completely restore and turn around the condition of your vehicle at Regal Valet.

Many little things make up the final appearance of a car, from the paintwork, to the rims and tires, and up to interior cabin where the condition of the leather and upholstery come into play. And that’s why it’s important to appoint a specialist with the experience and resources to be able to provide complete solutions that are proven and reliable.

A few standard corrective works we usually recommend in a case like this could be:

 New paint job by RV Sprayworks either to its original colour or a new colour of your choice
 Leather seats refurbished with brand new original leather including rewrapping of the armrests, door panels and other affected components
 New roof lining in high quality fabric to match your preferred interior ambience
 GYEON DuraBead Ceramic Quartz Coating for long-term shine and resistance against environmental damage
 Headlamp restoration followed by protective film for enhanced protection against chips and fading

So if you find yourself in a similar predicament, fret not and just drop by our Damansara flagship centre to discuss and set out a work plan that will grant a new lease of life to your car. You may reach us at any time on our Customer Line 1700-81-7569.