KIA Forte Epic Makeover for

The Editor of, who happens to be a car detailing hobbyist, had his dreams come true when his prized daily driver, a 2011 Kia Forte, was given a royal makeover by Regal Valet.

The complete project stretching over 2 months included full exterior repair work, sanding, grinding, dent popping, custom spray painting, compounding, advanced paintwork correction and other restorative works before finally finishing off with the installation of a high-end ceramic quartz coating by globally awarded and world-class manufacturer GYEON quartz.

As you can see, the process is painstakingly elaborate, with individual steps and procedures requisite for a high-quality finish patiently applied and executed. While many people may be used to paint jobs taking a mere day or two, you will understand that the results of express services seldom give a desirable outcome as a result of actually foregoing many important processes. The work, while much cheaper, is often done very quickly using subpar materials or workmanship.

However, if you value superior quality and longevity of your paintwork, RV Sprayworks guarantees real satisfaction and value for your investment. So speak to us about your custom requirements and exact specifications for your next makeover project!