Custom Spray of BMW X6 from Metallic Grey to Matte Black

Sporty BMW X6 takes a leap of faith into the majestic world of the Matte

When you’re the adventurous kind with your cars, you tend to be always on the look out to tweak, tune, or even transform your ride. And nothing really shows off your distinct personality like a custom paint job that reflects your inner self or your wilder side.

At RV Sprayworks, we provide a whole host of custom refinishing options whichever your favourite colour or preferred type of finish, as you choose and determine the exact shade and tone that suits you best.

The X6 in its original Metallic Grey prior to its transformation by RV Sprayworks:

Delivering paint jobs of the highest quality has become a trademark of RV Sprayworks by Regal Valet

From the inside out, the vehicle now boasts a solid Matte Black finish that portrays a strong aura of invincibility on the road from all angles. This unique and high-quality paintwork also evokes different emotions in every person admiring from near or afar with its somewhat mystical shadows and reflections.

Under the shadows of the night, its smooth satin curves gives out a glamorous and sensuous feel, while in bright sunlight, the stunning gradations of various shades of deep greys takes your mind through an unforgettable visual adventure.

As with all our signature custom paint projects, the painstakingly elaborate process ensures that every square inch of metal is thoroughly prepared and refinished for a long-lasting and uniform outcome. Because when you decide to put your very expensive vehicle through a permanent change like this, you would expect nothing short of the best quality materials and industry-leading workmanship from our Master Painter with decades of experience in delivering superior results.

Completed makeover works of the whole vehicle into Matte Black:

Protect your Matte paintwork with the latest GYEON Q2 MATTE ceramic quartz coating

All along, there has never been a dedicated quartz coating specially formulated for Matte paints. In many cases, the standard coatings are unsuitable for Matte finishes, or in some instances, the detailer may try to apply whatever standard coatings they have onto your Matte paint or wrap. These somewhat versatile solutions typically do not yield very good results in terms of aesthetics enhancements or durability of its protection factor.

GYEON MATTE is a world’s first and the most advanced quartz coating designed specifically from scratch by GYEON Quartz for matte finished paintworks. With Q² Matte, you will experience incredible performance and durability in comparison with other regular, versatile all-in-one products.

A major benefit of Q² MATTE is its neutral finish on matte or satin paints. It is also very much suited for cars with matte paint protection films already installed. This highly advanced, silicon dioxide (SiO2) formula has been specially designed to provide full UV and chemical protection, while its self cleaning and beading performance have also been greatly improved when compared with standard coatings used on matte paintwork.

So if you have a vehicle with matte paintwork, or a custom fitted matte paint protection film, the application of this brand new product by internationally award-winning brand GYEON will take the aesthetics of your car to the next level by enhancing the colour without changing the finish of your matte paintwork, preventing discolouration or oxidation, plus protecting against strong chemicals, road salt and UV-rays.

Application is suitable for both matte paintwork and matte wraps for a better appearance and higher protection: