Get your groove on ladies

There’s just something different about women and their prized possessions. Whether it’s your wardrobe of designer dresses, or your collection of heels and bags, they all point to one thing: Your distinct and immaculate tastes in all things beautiful and captivating.

It comes as no surprise then that many of our female customers display great pride in keeping their cars in tip-top condition all the time. And why wouldn’t you? After all, they are your single largest accessory and fashion statement. A beautiful looking vehicle ferries you in style across town to your weekend shopping trips and meet-ups with your foodie gang.

At Regal Valet, one thing matters above all else. And that is for our clients to look their best, and present themselves with utmost confidence wherever the roads may take them. It all begins with a pristine vehicle, kept in its best shape, clean at all times. Always comfortable and truly comforting — your private little sanctuary away from home.

So come on by to our Damansara centre and experience a full range of products, services and solutions that rival that of your favourite aesthetics clinic or beauty centre.