Behold.. the real secret to long-lasting enjoyment of your vehicle

Just like everything else we work hard for in life, we want to see great results and reap the rewards for a long time to come..


Many of us slog like mad in the gym for a beach bod and high stamina that will allow us to go places and live a life of adventure. We put in long hours in the office for the monthly paycheque that funds our preferred lifestyle. Some of us dedicate our lives and waking hours to the marriage or partnership we’re currently in with another person. Or the blossoming family we might be bringing up in these very challenging times. All of this requires much hard work and sacrifice. Lots of sweat, blood and tears in fact; and not to mention a whole lot of cold, hard cash as well. Little wonder then, that many of my friends are still single (and not exactly in a great hurry to change the status quo) at our not so young age!

If you’re one of the many people who’ve been smart enough to take advantage of our Hari Raya promotion and gotten your car in a new state of perfection for the rest of the year, you’ve now got a heavy burden on your shoulders. Say what? Well you’ve spent quite a bit on your car and you don’t want things to just look good for a moment and go downhill hereon, do you? But what’s with every other detailing shop selling lifetime warranties and years and years of maintenance-free experience, you wonder? If you believed them, you’d have already started skipping gym training, partying all week long, not going home, slacking off at work – and expecting things to still be rosy and gold six months out.

Gyeon Range

So why the need for regular service or maintenance? What exactly are you paying for and what do you get out of it?

The idea is simple. When your car leaves our premise, you’d find nary a mark or blemish on the paintwork, glass or rims. We would’ve already put in many man hours and a whole gamut of work to get your car to look as good as it possibly could. The GYEON Quartz coating of your choice also promises years of shine and protection. But you don’t drive it home and place it in an aquarium to let it sit pretty and shine. For many of you, it’s probably your daily driver. It fetches you to work, and if you’re not lucky enough to have secured indoor season parking, it probably suffers daily under sun and rain in some congested open air lot. It also takes you across town, battling traffic to meetings, lunch and gym. You ferry colleagues, clients and friends; and some of these people can be pretty messy. Dirty. Smelly? In short, that beloved vehicle of yours is a workhorse. Used and abused. So often neglected and disrespected.

Which is why we’re big advocates of you coming back to us every 4-6 months – more often if you feel the need – to ensure your vehicle is given proper and sufficient care by people who know what needs to be done. After all, if you have your weekly facial, monthly hair cut or dermatologist appointment, your scheduled visits to the dentist, or if you send your pet for grooming every so often, then surely you see the importance of treating the aesthetics of your car the very same way.

When your vehicle comes in for that half a day of pampering, some of the things we do will include:

  • Analysing the condition of your vehicle and the ceramic quartz coating;
  • Reviewing your experiences or any issues with the vehicle;
  • Rectifying surface imperfections and performing any required restorative work;
  • Touching up the coating if necessary;
  • Deep-cleansing and renewing the condition of the interior cabin;

Once we’re through with everything, you’ll be rewarded with a renewed and rejuvenated vehicle to be enjoyed, used and abused until the next time you pay us a visit. If you have any questions, get in touch. Hey, we set up our customer hotline just for you. Make use of it at 1-700-81-7569. Thanks!