Witnessing the resurrection of RWB Miyabi by Nakai-san

For fans of RAUH-Welt Begriff and RWB Malaysia No.5 or KL No.1 as it shall forever be known, the restoration of Miyabi had been a long-awaited affair

RWB KL No1 Sign

Call it whatever you want, but the true value found within the highest art forms stretch far beyond the mere eyes of the beholder as evidenced by the reverence for all the skyline-altering monuments erected by Zaha Hadid, the awe-inspiring masterpieces of Michelangelo or Tchaikovsky’s timeless sounds that transcend the ages.

Consider even the superhuman talents of sporting legends the likes of Michael Jordan. Novak Djokovic and Tiger Woods. Usain Bolt. Without a doubt, the achievements and capabilities of these icons are at a point of such overwhelming stature that they have completely changed the game and rewritten the rules on all things humanly possible.

If you are new to RWB and Miyabi, this video showcases the original build last year at The Garage KL

What did all of that have to do with RWB..? Mad skills. Undying devotion. Love. Passion.

Creating a legacy.


And that is how the legend of RWB came to be in Kuala Lumpur decades after its early humble beginnings out of a factory shop in Chiba, Japan. For its founder, Akira Nakai, it has been a long road to this very day but his dedication to his art is paying off with a solid presence now hot-stamped across major cities around the globe. Nakai-san, fully revered in every corner of the automotive world has amassed a cult-like following that will continue to grow as his story spreads on from one fanatical Porschephile to another.

On Friday evening, Miyabi arrived and sat patiently inside our Valeting Hall awaiting Build 2.0 scheduled for the weekend

The work is tough and personal. Every piece of the kit is carefully handcrafted and installed only by himself over two to three long days. There is a price to pay, but the quality and end results are beyond compare. Mint.

Observing Nakai-san up-close led to one quick revelation. Throughout the course of hours on end, the steady look of intense concentration never really leaves his face. Deep in thought as if in a peaceful trance, he imagines what nobody else sees and ruminates through infinite possibilities in his mind. He continually configures new permutations by drawing on an innate technical understanding and all the unique experiences from past builds that no one else has.

Occasionally, he stops to consult with the car owner, offering options and fine-tuning the plan as they progress deeper into the blueprint. Many times, he is ambling around the vehicle, pacing back and forth — measuring tape or a freshly opened coconut in hand. Nakai-san stares into the blank space within the inches between his eyes and expensive sheet metal.

But that’s how masterpieces are built, and the way immense works of art come to life so perfectly at the end of the day — born from a dream unbeknownst to all but the dreamer.

In serene moments like these, you can only look on and secretly wish for telepathic abilities.

The many faces of Nakai-san caught on camera. In the zone even when devouring platefuls of spicy mutton masala and fresh coconut.

We’d like to express our appreciation once again to RWB Kuala Lumpur and Nakai-san for an eye-opening weekend. Thanks for letting us be a part of the rebuild of Miyabi and of course.. happy driving!

One final group shot of Miyabi together with the RWB x RV teams.. Sayonara!