BMW 630i E63 with makeover into superb brand-new condition

Aged beauty stripped down to its bones to be put back together again in thorough rejuvenated form

A stunner from any angle, this is the BMW 630i E63, designed by Adrian Van Hooydonk based on the Z9 Concept over a decade ago. With this particular unit after quite a number of years on the road, the condition of the vehicle had degraded and lost much of its spectacular lustre. Commonly, the paintwork turns dull and oxidised, the materials of the trim deform and wear off, or in the case of plastics, turn into a sticky rubbery mess.

At RV Sprayworks, the paintwork was refinished into the Alpine White colour followed by professional detailing and long-term protection with GYEON DuraBead Ceramic Coating. For an expensive marque like this, you’d understand that a top-notch paint job using only high-end materials and refined workmanship will truly provide long-lasting value and results that can be retained over time. For us, a full process from start to finish typically requires 6-8 weeks and sometimes more, as there are vital steps and uncompromisable waiting times in between each stage of the project.

Other changes and replacements to parts that are commonly aged after several years performed to this vehicle include:

  • New Roof Lining
  • New BMW 2 tone – Dakota Leather for all seats & door panels
  • New Windscreen Rubbers (Front & Rear)
  • Restoration of Interior Plastic Trims
  • Custom Gloss Black Kidney Grille
  • Custom Gloss Black Side Trims
  • V-Kool Elite Window Tint

Interior completely refurbished and restored into brand-new condition with high quality materials and finishing:


The exterior was also thoroughly reconditioned into optimal state that rivals that of brand-new showroom vehicles:

All in all, this was an undertaking of true passion for the car owner, who oversaw the process on multiple visits during his trips back home from HK where he’s currently based. And we’re all too happy to help him realise his dreams of birthing his very beloved E63.