2016 Christmas Special Offers

Our December year-end special offers are perfect for you to get your car in tip-top condition at discounted rates — and enjoy incredible deals featuring globally awarded products by GYEON Quartz together with superior quality standards by RV.

New improved GYEON MOHS+ ceramic quartz coating

NEW‬ ‪breakthrough‬ ‪formula‬ with the upgraded ‪GYEON‬ ‪Quartz‬‪ MOHS‬+ coating, offering ‪enhanced‬ ‪‎performance‬ and ‪‎improved‬‪ durability‬ Call 1700-81-7569 today to ‪coat‬ ‪‎your‬ ‪‎car‬ with GYEON MOHS+ and enjoy the many benefits in overall protection, shine and aesthetics plus ease of care loved by car owners the world over. For Kota Kinabalu, Sabah contact our Certified Detailer…